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Our Mandate

United Way of Sarnia-Lambton Mission Statement

To generate resources enabling the community to respond to Human Care priorities in Sarnia-Lambton and to measure and improve the effectiveness of these invested resources.

To accomplish this mission statement, the United Way of Sarnia-Lambton has focused its resources in two core businesses: Resource Development and Community Investment.

Resource Development includes Campaign, Planned Giving, (the vision 2025 program), Volunteerism, and other resources.

Community Investment includes the investment of all resources: Campaign revenues, volunteers' time, and other assets including knowledge and support.

Core Business Goals

Resource Development

  • To raise the maximum amount of money, and other resources, as cost efficiently as we can, and to invest as much money into community programs and services as possible.

Community Investment

  • To ensure United Way is funding the most crucial needs in Sarnia-Lambton and that the United Way stays current on what these priorities are.
  • To invest as much money as possible each year into community programs and services.
  • To fund community programs and services reflecting both the customer and community needs to achieve the optimal return on donor’s investments.
  • To fund programs provided by our Funded Agencies as well as other community programs that meet new and emerging needs in Sarnia-Lambton.
  • To eliminate duplication of funding and gaps in funding, and to promote the identification of greater efficiencies within the agencies of funded programs and services.