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Who We Are

Board of Directors, 2020-2021

Jason KillingsworthJason Killingsworth (President)
Susan Doughty
Martin Vrolyk (Treasurer)
Gerry Whitcome (Community Investment Chair)
Terry Doyle
Mary Ellen Edlington
Michele LaLonge-Davey (Labour Representative)
Rima Rizkallah
Vicky Ducharme (Campaign Chair)
John Girard (Second Vice President)
Al McChesney (First Vice President)
Kelly Batson
Chris Hawksworth
Richard Kelch
Alan Blahey


Campaign Cabinet 2020

2020 Campaign Chair Vicky Ducharme

Bert Thakker
John Girard
Martin Vrolyk
Carla MaGregor
Jim Synder
Brian Fielder
Jane D'Arcy
Jim D'Arcy

Community Investment Committee 2020

unnamedGerry Whitcombe - Chair
Laura Black
Jane Beairsto
Jerry Vopicka
Steve Stock
Mark Vander Vies
Pam Galant

Finance and Audit Committee 2020

Martin Vrolyk (Treasurer)
Paddy Roach
Chris Hawksworth
Richard Kelch
Al McChesney
Laura Black
Dave Brown
Pamela Bodkin